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Shipping Jewelry Internationally

Most of our customers really love our flat fee shipping & handling options. It’s a very good value if you are a retailer and place wholesale jewelry orders over $100. In addition to the outstanding rates we’ve negotiated with FedEx for U.S. addresses, we’ve also leveraged our shipping volume to secure outstanding rates to addresses Read More

How to Clean Silver Jewelry

Silver Can Get Dirty and Tarnished from Handling and Everyday Wear Silver jewelry gets dirty from wear and tear, or even from transport and handling when you’re displaying it to customers. Silver also gets tarnished when it is constantly in contact with oxygen and sulfur in the air. A tarnished appearance occurs when sulfur becomes Read More

What is your birthstone?

There’s no better time to stock up on birthstones than the start of the year! There is a birthstone associated with every month. Giving birthstones as gifts for good luck has been a tradition since the first century AD. There have been many different sets of birthstones throughout history and around the world. The commonly Read More

What size rings should I get when I make my purchase?

We understand that as a business owner, you need to purchase your stock wisely. This can be especially important when choosing ring sizes, as you don’t want to be left with a large number of rings in uncommon sizes. In our experience, the following approximations are the best way to determine the sizes you will Read More

Basic Items to Start Your Jewelry Store

To start your jewelry store, there are a variety of basic items that you will need to have available to your customers. These include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and toe rings, all of which can be sold throughout the year. A jewelry store that features sterling silver pieces should always have box chains and snake Read More

What is marcasite?

Do you want jewelry with an antique look? Check out sterling silver jewelry with marcasite. Marcasite is a mineral sometimes called white iron pyrite. It is most often confused with a gemstone called pyrite. Both are crystalized in a different way and therefore a marcasite can never be a gemstone. It is formed in rocks Read More

What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia, also known as C.Z., is a rare mineral that has the appearance of diamonds. Jewelry made from C.Z. is being produce regularly because of its low cost, durability, and beauty. It is found in most sterling silver jewelry and can come in many different cuts and colors. Some famous cuts are the round Read More

What is rhodium plating?

Our rhodium plated jewelry is made of sterling silver, then plated with rhodium to give each piece an expensive look that is nearly identical to platinum jewelry, but at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the rhodium plating is very effective in preventing the effects of oxidation, or tarnishing, and it does not need to Read More

What is sterling silver?

Pure 100% silver looks bright white and is extremely soft. To enhance its beauty and durability, the vast majority of fine silver jewelry is made of sterling silver, which is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper alloy. Read More

How do retailers price your merchandise when selling at their own stores?

Our customers’ pricing policies vary widely based on their target market, the overhead and the marketing costs associated with their individual businesses. High end jewelry retailers mark many of our products up as much as 5-10x their cost. However, many of our customers use a lower markup/higher volume strategy, especially those who sell over the Read More

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